Frequently Asked Questions

+ Are the tiles magnetic?

Nope! But an awesome part of our tiles is that they don’t need fancy magnets or clicking mechanisms to create complex and sturdy scenes. Our tiles are made from MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), and MDF is a really heavy material! The more you stack, the sturdier the structure as a whole becomes. This means that the top layer may shift around if you knock the table or knock into the pieces; but, your overall structure will be totally fine! Check out these videos to see the stability of our tiles in action: Roll For Damage And Pre-Builder's Tray

+ Will the tiles be damaged through rowdy tabletop use?

No! The tiles are designed to last for a very, very long time. Our tiles are MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and they are coated with a protective lair of polyurethane. MDF is a dense and sturdy building material. However; untreated MDF does NOT get along with water, at all!

Water WILL warp your MDF tiles causing them to lose their laser precise shape. This is why we treat the front and back side of every tile with poly. The poly protects from normal use and also protects from spills during sessions. If a water/soda/beer/potion is accidentally spilled on your tiles and you’re able to quickly wipe it up and dry down the tiles then your tiles should be totally fine (this has happened to us, soda residue makes the tiles sticky but they can be cleaned by following the instructions on your care and cleaning sheet).

However, the sides of every tile are not coated in poly making the sides more vulnerable to water damage. This means that if you want your tiles to look good, feel good, and last for years then all you need to do is treat them like a loving member of your tabletop family. Keep them dry, wipe off any stains with a dry (or very lightly moistened) cloth, and just try to be nice to them!

+ Do you guys ship international?

Yes!… Probably! But not for free.

There are a lot of countries out there and, sadly, a lot more international shipping laws. We do our best to stay atop the legislative hills of International Regulation but we don’t have the manpower (or the willpower) to devote ourselves fully to the gods of commerce.

We’re based in the US and this means North American destinations are totally fine. We also have experience shipping to Australia so we say yes to our friends down under. If you want your tiles shipped anywhere else in the world just let us know and we’ll do our best to work with you and get shipping costs as low as we possibly can.

Also this: If you are considering purchasing from us and would like your order shipped outside the US please contact us first. We do ship international but want to ensure shipping prices are as low as possible beforehand. Sets shipped outside of the US are subject to Import/Duty fees as well as applicable taxes. All taxes and fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.