Initiative Tracker


Initiative Tracker

Thanks for having interest in our very first kickstarter! Your support pushes us farther every single day!

Our Initiative Tracker is a really cool, elegant product that we think you will totally enjoy! Our Kickstarter is now LIVE!! Here is the link!

+ The Basics

The parts of the whole all coming together. Check out the video to see why our tracker is so different from any other Initiative Tracker!

Find out how our Medium Initiative Tracker helped us stay in control of a huge encounter!

+ Bonus Perks

A super useful bonus perk of our Tracker -- Tons of minis!

Our tracker can be used even if you prefer non-traditional methods of running your encounters. Check it out!

A use for our Tracker that was brought to us by the awesome people at Legends of Avantris (you should check them out here they're a lot of fun)