Chromatic Square Set

Chromatic Square Set

from 15.00

The Chromatic Set comes in three different sizes: Large, Medium, and Small

Large sets contain:

Four 3x3 Tiles
Twelve 2x2 Tiles
Eight 3x1 Tiles
Twelve 2x1 Tiles
Twenty Single Tiles

Medium sets contain:

Two 3x3 Tiles
Six 2x2 Tiles
Four 3x1 Tiles
Six 2x1 Tiles
Ten Single Tiles

Small sets contain:

One 3x3 Tile
Three 2x2 Tiles
Two 3x1 Tiles
Three 2x1 Tiles
Five Single Tiles

Each Tile is made from 1/8in Acrylic and consists of 1 inch SQUARE spaces.

Sets also come in a variety of colors! Physically represent fire, lava, yawning pits, deep wells, or anything else your campaign requires with beautiful and modular acrylic tiles.

We also do specialty orders! If you have an order in mind please contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

Note from the seller: If you are considering purchasing from us and would like your order shipped OUTSIDE of the United States, please contact us first. We do ship international but want to ensure shipping prices are as low as possible beforehand. Sets shipped outside of the US are subject to Import/Duty fees as well as applicable taxes. All fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.

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