Elevation Blocks

Elevation Blocks

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To better help you create exactly what you want, TTF now offers affordable packs of 3in by 1in tiles that are perfect to use as the building blocks of the structures that you really want to create.

Elevation Blocks are different from the traditional Tabletop Foundations tile. Elevation blocks do not have score lines and are not stained. However, Elevation blocks do consist of the same clear-coated 1/4in MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) as the rest of our Tabletop Foundation tiles. This allows you to easily integrate Elevation Blocks into your tabletop set to create some truly massive structures!

Elevation blocks can also be a great learning tool to help visualize educational topics ranging from the beauty of architecture to the complexities of physics and is a great tool for young kids or seasoned professionals.

Elevation Blocks come in different sized packs from 50 3in by 1in blocks all the way to 1000 blocks! Each pack has enough tiles to allow you to create to your imagination’s content and the larger packs have a truly massive amount. An entire group can all work together and create a megastructure with 1000 blocks!

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