Pre-Builder's Tray

Pre-Builder's Tray


The Pre-Builder's Tray is a tabletop accessory designed to allow DMs to control when and where they place their tile landscapes or structures. The Pre-Builder Tray is a combination tile moving tray AND a tile mat of its own. The tray comes in squares or hexes and fits modularly with all of our Tabletop Foundation Tiles! With the Pre-Builder's tray DMs can build fully three dimensional, grandiose, and beautiful structures, transport them easily and safely, AND easily integrate them with larger landscapes.

The Pre-Builder's Tray is a sturdy MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) tray that bends using living hinge technology. The tray is supportive and feels solid when moving around tiles and this allows you to move with confidence and the knowledge that your tiles are safe during transport.

The Pre-Builder Tray in squares has 63 square units in a 9x7 grid.

The Pre-Builder Tray in hexes has 88 hex units in a 11x8 grid.

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