The Starter Kit: Squares or Hexes

The Starter Kit: Squares or Hexes


Your keen sense of smell perceives the burning pines and dried blood before your eyes can see through the underbrush. Ruins, corpses, and silence are all that greet you as you re-enter the Centaur's village...

Tabletop Gaming is an incredible world-building experience that allows players to create the stories they want to play in. With these beautiful laser-cut and handcrafted Tiles you can now build your world into the third dimension, making your every campaign more real, immersive, and fun.

This Starter Kit is a perfect beginning to your journey into 3-D world-building. Our resident Warlock had quite the terrible and tactile revelation as he actually excavated the remains of his centaur friend. You too can physically reveal your buried comrades by removing tiles one-by-one, or maybe you'd prefer to build a world a little less grim?

The Starter Kit comes in either Hex-Shape Tiles or Square-Shape Tiles.

The Square Starter Kit contains:

Three 9-Square 3x3 Tiles
Eight 4-Square 2x2 Tiles
Fifteen 1-Square 1x1 Tiles
Two 5-Square 5x1 Tiles
Two 4-Square 4x1 Tiles
Six 3-Square 3x1 Tiles
Ten 2-Square 2x1 Tiles

The Hex Starter Kit Contains:

One 20-Hex "Small" Tile
Five 7-Hex Flower Tiles
Nine 4-Hex 4's Tiles
Nine 3-Hex 3's Tiles
12 1-Hex 1's Tiles

Each tile consists of 1 inch spaces and is made from ¼ inch clear-coated MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). We add a protective coating to each tile to add durability and help your minis move smoothly across your created world. The walnut stain on the back of our tiles add contour and dimension when creating the perfect scene for your campaign.

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