Journeyman Tinkerer's Trove: Hexes

Journeyman Tinkerer's Trove: Hexes


The Journeyman Tinkerer's Trove is full of modular, durable, and beautiful tabletop tiles and tree miniatures. Experience for yourself this creative way to play tabletop games. You'll fall in love with the feel, weight, and balance of our tiles and with your new ability to create landscapes to fit your gameplay.

The Tinkerer's Trove contains 45 MDF Tiles, 18 Acrylic Tiles, and 6 Tree Minis:

MDF Tiles:

One 4x5 Tile
Five 7-Hex Flower Tiles
Twelve 4-Hex Tiles
Twelve 3-Hex Tiles
Fifteen 1-Hex Tiles

Acrylic Tiles:

One Teal 4-Hex Tile
One Teal 3-Hex Tile
Seven Teal 1-Hex Tiles
One Orange 4-Hex Tile
One Orange 3-Hex Tile
Seven Orange 1-Hex Tiles


Six 2 to 4 inch miniature trees (varied sizes)

The MDF tiles consist of 1 inch HEXAGONAL spaces and are made from ¼ inch clear-coated MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). We add a protective coating to each tile to add durability and help your minis move smoothly across your created world. The walnut stain on the back of our tiles add contour and dimension when creating the perfect scene for your campaign.

The Acrylic Tiles are made from 1/8in Acrylic and consist of 1 inch HEXAGONAL spaces.

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