The Manticore

The Manticore


With the Manticore set you can create a field of play as large as 28,800 in-game square feet(25 square ft per space)! We have created a durable and long lasting product for gameplay. Our Manticore Set lets you build a more detailed world that is enhanced by the tiles used to build it.

This set contains 109 Tiles:
Two 21x9 Tiles
Three 7x9 Tiles
Fourteen 4x5 Tiles
Fifteen 7-Hex Flower Tiles
Twenty-Five 4-Hex Tiles
Twenty-Five 3-Hex Tiles
Twenty-Five 1-Hex Tiles

Create terrain that has real effects. Your tiles will affect the world based on what they are and what they can be. A pillar made from tiles can be destroyed and now you have physical debris that your players must deal with. The creative possibilities are limitless as your game is enhanced with each tile you use. Every new tile will fuel your imagination creating unseen possibilities, as your landscape becomes more than the tiles used to create them.

These tiles consist of 1 inch SQUARE spaces and are made from ¼ inch clear-coated MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). We add a protective coating to each tile to add durability and help your minis move smoothly across your created world. The walnut stain on the back of our tiles adds contour and dimension when creating the perfect scene for your campaign.

Note from the seller: If you are considering purchasing from us and would like your order shipped OUTSIDE of the United States, please contact us first. We do ship international but want to ensure shipping prices are as low as possible beforehand. Sets shipped outside of the US are subject to Import/Duty fees as well as applicable taxes. All fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.

We do specialty orders! Please contact us.

**Acrylic in pictures sold separately. Minis in pictures are for advertisement purposes only and are not included in set.**

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