Tree Miniatures

Tree Miniatures


Our hand made trees are specially designed to be used in tabletop games such as D&D, Pathfinder, and others. These beautiful trees are varying sizes of 2-4 inches and come ready to use as they come attached to a 1 inch base. The bases are the same tabletop tiles and will fit right into your current set.

These trees come in 2 different shapes: a conical-shaped "Evergreen" and a round-shaped "Deciduous". Due to the handmade nature each tree is different. When placing multiple trees next to each other it creates a forest full of differing ages and species. Trees make tabletop scenarios come alive and will help you create a more immersive and more entertaining campaign.

We use flocking for the leaves, and as a result if the trees are heavily shaken or thrown you may notice some green specks left behind. We care deeply about the durability and quality of all of our products and so if you are unhappy with the level of shedding done by the tree then please contact.

If you are considering purchasing from us and would like your order shipped outside the US please contact us first. We do ship international but want to ensure shipping prices are as low as possible beforehand. Sets shipped outside of the US are subject to Import/Duty fees as well as applicable taxes. All fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.

We do specialty orders. Please contact us.

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